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Since 2001, Advection Music has been run by Tidal & Galaxi (this Trans-Atlantic collaborative effort) has been years in the making. Representing the worldwide deeper drum ‘n’ bass scene. A sound only to be described by LTJ Bukem himself as ‘Old Skool Brand Nu’.

Welcome to the progressive deeper drum ‘n’ bass. Artists include Tidal, Galaxi, Deep Gemini, Bass’Flo, Trilogy, Parhelia, Outsource, Kredit, Shadowboxerz, Nemanoe, The Outerworld, and more!

The group is associated with the ‘Central Projection’ crew, who collectively have years of experience in performing, promoting and organising deep drum ‘n’ bass nights in the UK and Worldwide, in places like America, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Poland and Germany.

Collectively our Artists have performed worldwide at nights like Progression Sessions, Bukem In Session, Hospitality, Atmosphere, Formation, Raveology, and in well known venues like Fabric, Air, Medicine Bar, The Buttermarket and even Café 1001.

Advection artists have been heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Radio 6, BBC Asian Network, Galaxy FM, Ministry Of Sound Radio, Bassdrive, Global dnb, Atomic Vibes, KUSF and many more radio stations.

The Advection label musically has been supported by the top names in industry, including people like LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Nookie, PFM, Future Engineers, Aural Imbalance, ASC, Bailey, MistaJam, Makoto, Big Bud, DJ Marky, DJ Stunna and many more.